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I LIVE BY DIVINE FAITH—a faith in God that is like a bridge over troubled waters.   Secure and confident, I rise in thought and act above whatever challenges may be swirling around me.  I live the fullness of life.

MY FAITH assures me, so that I accept each change for what it is:  a new beginning.  This is a time for greater strengths to be realized and expressed by me, for greater blessings to flow to and from me, for greater fulfillment to be accepted and shared by me.

MY JOY COMES FROM WITHIN! Today my life is fuller, richer, and more fun than ever, because I approach each day from the joy in my heart. The people I know and love bring me joy, but I can also choose to manifest happiness on my own. My happiness is an inside job.  As I appreciate everything in life, I am joy in expression!

MY PROSPERITY IS IN DIVINE ORDER:  I accept the abundance of God that is always flowing to me and through me.  I give and receive joyously and gratefully.  When God said that the promise land will be flowing with milk and honey He was assuring us that if our faith was strong as a mustard seed, that our world would be flowing with blessings, and filled with a life of divine potential.  Knowing this, I am bold in spirit. I am aware of my own divine potential for living a life of my dreams.

I am assured by the word of God that peace and tranquility will prevail in my life because I am a work in progress. I do all that needs to be done by me with ease and efficiency.  I balance my work, family, and social life, my schedule may be tight and my responsibilities many, but I am not concerned.  I keep my thoughts up above the busyness and remain calm and clear, knowing that divine order is established in my life, and in all of life.

MY LIVING INDIVINE ORDER ASSURES ME; that I am abundantly supplied with all I need.  Time and resources are available to me.  Strength, energy, and intelligence are mine.  Aligned with God’s law of order, I flow with life’s scheduled and unscheduled events.

Getting past a time of trouble is not about my knowing the details of how blessings will come to me.  In faith I know with certainly that I will receive them.  Living in the moment with God, I understand that change ushers in a time of newness and discovery.

I ACCEPT, I RELEASE, AND I AM FREE!  Today I am FREE, and my FREEDOM, comes from knowing that I am a son of the KING. Peace and power prevails within me. I release all things to God—all worry all pain. Both physically and spiritually, I feel His peace washing over me. I am comforted. The Spirit of God is here—within me and everywhere around me. His Spirit sustains and upholds me at all times and allows me to remain FREE.

Today my life is in DIVINE ORDER and I am living FREE, because I am a work of ART in progress.

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