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I declare to you today that “I am the child of a King”, and if you have been born again, so are you.  We must learn to claim our natural birthright, and then begin to live our lives accordingly.  Why not, we are wonderfully made and very precious in His sight.  I am standing today, making this declaration to you, because God wants me to share some words of encouragement to inspire you to stand strong in the face of opposition.  He knows that all of His Children are facing some difficult times, and sometimes the trials and tribulations may seem to be taking us down instead of lifting us up.

For the past few weeks I have been on a journey to provide hope in the face of what seemed hopeless with much sickness, dispair and death in the lives of my family members and friends in a portion that I have not known in precious years.  So much seemed hopeless in the beginning, but then I heard the voice of my God as he spoke to me, and He said, My Servant, My Child, hold your head up, now look towards the hills from which all of your blessings are flowing; you are the proud Child of a King, and as such, I have sent you on a mission to help others, and I need you to be strong and speak truth to power; tell them that, I AM THEIR GOD,” and they are the proud CHILDREN of a KING.  Now give them some words of ENCOURAGEMENT that I have shared with you.

Nothing in life is ever promised to be easy, but the joy of it all is being able to experience the pain without feeling the hurt. No pain, no gain. What we come to understand about this life is that GOD will never put on us more than we can bear. He also promised that He would never leave us are forsake us, and that is one check you can take to the bank.  Trouble and the many trials of life are all around us, and they set before us, much heartache and pain.

I have been there, and I have experienced some of what you are now experiencing, but today I am encouraging you to remain strong, THE DEVIL wants to destroy your MIND by taking you down the road of negativity, and if you give him half a chance he will defeat you.

Let me share with you some THOUGHTS I hope that can encourage you and lift you up and fill your heart

For ever person there is a moment in there lif...

For ever person there is a moment in there life when everyhing changes. As a child, this window was my first view of tragedy, my first thoughts of true love, and all these years later I still wonder what he was going through that day, or he felt. It is just a window. but there is so much more there. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with peace and joy.

Years ago, I learned an invaluable lesson; whatever we focus on, we become. That simple statement taught me a great deal. Wherever we put our energies or our attention, those things will develop. Another way I like to say it is, “Where the mind goes, the mind follows!”

If I begin to think about eating a delicious peach, I will soon find myself in my car pursuing that peach. My thought will stir my desires and emotions, and I will make the decision to follow them.

If we focus only on the negative things in our lives, we become negative people. Everything, including our conversation, becomes negative. We soon lose our joy and live miserable lives and it all started with our own thinking.

Being the Child of a King, our MINDS should always be centered on the Kingdom that is up above and not the place where we are current residing.  We must put our minds in gear and shift our thoughts to the positive side of life and begin to live in the expectance and abundance of what God has already provided for us, what Jesus died for.

You might be experiencing some problems in life not realizing that you are creating them yourself by what you’re choosing to think about. I challenge you to think about what you’re thinking about!

You might be discouraged and even depressed and wonder what caused it. Yet if you will examine your thought life, you will find that you are feeding the negative emotions you are feeling. Negative thoughts are fuel for discouragement, depression, and many other unpleasant emotions.

We should choose our thoughts carefully. We can think about what is wrong with our lives or about what is right with them. We can think about what is wrong with all the people we are in relationship with or we can see the good and meditate on that. The BIBLE teaches us to always believe the best. When we do that, it makes our own lives happier and more peaceful.

Therefore, I encourage you to remember who you are, and that is, “YOU ARE THE CHILD OF A KING!”  Be Encouraged, that the many trials which you are facing right this very moment are only thoughts in your MIND, and as such, they can be overcome.  Change your thinking, and focus on the positive.  Be Strong, and God will pick you up, clean you up, and fill your life with the abundance of all that He has in store for you.



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  1. Amen! Good preaching rev! I remember a song from my youth, “A Child of the King,” and its chorus went, Praise God! Praise God! I’m a child of the King! His royal blood, now flows through my veins, and I who was wretched and poor now can sing, Praise God! Praise God! I’m a child of the King!…thank you for the reminder that it is not who I am, but Whose I am!


      Thank you so very much My Friend, we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. May God bless you as you walk out your purpose and do his will.

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