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God‘s Marvelous Light (photo by Pastor Davis)

By Shirley Rhodes


Substance abuse is destroying our families, communities and country in general, and in lesson one as many of the lesson we share with you here, we do so in order that all of us may come into God’s marvelous light and help break this evil spirit that is penetrating the hearts and minds of too many of our family members.  In the first lesson of this format we presented you with three points to consider:

1.     The beginning: Growth process of children

2.     Breaking down of the physical body

3.     Social influence (social status)

Now let us consider the facts below; from the very beginning God already had a plan for our lives, and our parents were no accident, they were a chosen vessel. Many may question,” Why did I end up with parents that never knew me because they themselves were caught up in the cycle of abuse,” “how did I end up in such an environment?” I’m not sure how to answer such questions, yet the thought is like a plague. It seems as if those born under such circumstances never really had a chance for a better or different life, many are victims of their environment.

As Christians, how do we address such questions? A child is supposed to be nurtured and loved, provided the essentials of life to survive, yet we turn our heads as if it’s not me or my child so it’s not my problem. Children are left to the streets and many find their own way carving friendships that say you are a part of us. The environment may be one that’s gang related, drug infested and no particular rules of society are acknowledged. These same children only know the ways of the street and have little respect for those who attempt to show them that there is another way. Some are so hardened by the time they reach preteen years they either end up in jail or dead.

Many use drugs simply because for them that is their life. How do we turn the tide of our young people? How do we reach adults ravaged by the effects of daily drug use? It may not be your problem but at some point these children become adults, will they follow the same cycle before them or is there a way to reach them before it’s too late to intervene. Parents, Christians, Neighbors, Friends, society as a whole must consider the plight of a child from the very beginning, God has a plan for their life, and it does not have to be wasted. Then again we may ask ourselves, “where do we begin and what direction do we take to reverse the curse?

Social status for some people is what they crave and work to obtain, and how its’ obtained, as well as how they get there matters. While seeking worldly status, along with our many treasures, how often do we stop or slow down long enough to lift a sister or brother pressed down by the hardness of life. Many will say they had a choice and the life they live is what they have chosen, is that really truth? Social status sometimes places us in an environment where we eventually conform to what surrounds us. Our social circle may be one where alcohol and drugs are a part of who we become in order to fit in. Many often find themselves caught up in a web so tight they’re not able to find their way out. When continuing on this course they see no more than just the moment and that moment can end up being very dark.

Consider the teachings of Jesus, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust corrupt, where thieves break through and steal; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The light of the body is the eye and if your eye is clear, the whole body shall be full of light. If your eye is foggy, your whole body shall be full of darkness, how terrible is that darkness.” (Matthew 6: 19, 21-23 KJV). So as Christians, family and friends, let’s be conscious of the needs of our children, our families, and society as a whole while we adapt and follow the pattern Jesus has given for living productive lives, as we LEARN TO LIVE IN THE GROWTH PROCESS OF GOD’S MARVELOUS LIGHT.


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    • Shirley Rhodes

      Thank you for your response and it is my prayer that these words shared here will indeed bless those who read them in a special way. Blessings

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