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Created by Faith (Photo by Pastor Davis)


Remember what we described to you in lesson one. We stated that we have in our procession an operational manual, that was given to us by God as a tool to be used to overcome all obstacles and learn to live a successful life that include all the benefits of the Kingdom of God.  This OPERATIONAL MANUAL teaches us that since we were CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, we were provided with an opportunity to LIVE BY FAITH.

We now conclude this lesson in how to live by faith learning how to use God’s operation manualJesus Christ taught us as people not to think about how to feed and clothe ourselves.  (Matthew 6:25-32) He said that if we would work to build GOD’S KINGDOM, God would feed and clothe us. (Matthew 6:33) He called laborers to come and work for the Kingdom of God, (Matthew 11:29-30) and not to labors for the “food that perishes”. (John 6:27) He said that we cannot work for two employers at the same time, and that making money and serving God are mutually exclusive motives for doing things. (Luke 16.13) He said that if we do not leave everything we own, we cannot call ourselves his followers. (Luke 14:33)

By faith people live a humble life. By faith they learn to take a low place. Indeed the very idea of faith involves humility; just as the idea of doing all yourself and trusting to no one for help, implies self-sufficiency and independence. The Christian is emptied of self-reliance; he or she can be filled of Christ. You quickly discover that you have nothing to be proud of; that humility becomes you; and that your spirit must accept this low position, and then you can receive all fullness of grace from our Lord.

By faith we live a cheerful life. Generally the tenor of the life of faith is cheerful. Satisfied with God and his providence, why should we not be cheerful? We have occasion to rejoice evermore. God will bring out such glorious results, and our faith so distinctly anticipates them; we cannot but know that the church is safe, and that all we love on earth is safe.

By faith we live a self-denying life. If we have faith we will not make much of the little petty comforts of this life. Our soul is upon far greater and better things.

By faith we live a spiritual life, and not a merely natural one. Our life is spiritual, not in the abused and perverted sense in which modern necromancers use the word, but in the sense of being in real communion with the Father and with the Son and with the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God dwells in our heart by our faith.

By faith we live a prayerful life. It is natural for us to pray. We love prayer, and breathe it even as we breathe the atmosphere. We have confidence in God and expect blessings in answer to our prayer. Such a person has reasons enough for much prayer.

Your life of faith is hopeful. You are not easily discouraged, for your confidence rests in the mighty God. You expect to succeed in doing all that God would have you do; and why should you wish to do more?

You will by faith lead an active life. Faith will spur on your activities. Under an earnest faith in divine truth, how can you help being active and zealous?

Faith secures sympathy with God. Confidence in any person ensures your sympathy with them. So if you have confidence in God, you will give others the warm and earnest sympathies of your heart.

Faith makes the Christian’s life humane. It trains us to look on all as God’s children and to love them and care for them as such.

By faith we live a life of Gospel liberty. We are not in bondage to law or to fear. We do not pray because we are obliged to, but because we trusts and love.

Now please understand that what we have shared with you here is only your starting point, however, these results do constitute real life realities and priorities.  Hence we see how eminently and how universally it must be that the just shall live by faith.  Do you know how to live by faith? With this final question, we encourage you to study this lesson very carefully and be encouraged by the word of God and when you do, you will soon discover, “HOW YOU AS A CHRISTIAN CAN LIVE BY FAITH!”



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  1. I love teachings on faith because in this world, it’s hard to believe sometimes when u see so many bad things erupting around you. Thank you Pastor, and God be with you always in every step of your walk in this life, and every word from your lips….may your countenance shine with His glory continuously, and may your breath be filled with the wind of His Holy Spirit.


      My Sister, I thank you for those kind, spirit filled and very uplifting words this morning. They brought joy to my soul. May you also be blessed and encouraged this day, in Jesus name.

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