Church Carson City Nevada (Photo by Pastor Davis)


You were born with the chains of fear lack and limitations placed around your neck and branded  into your mind by the world that you were conceived into, limiting you from the ability to be what God created you to be,[a powerful and free human being], without fear, lack and limitations.  You were born free and you will die free, but will you live free?  The choice is entirely yours.

Limitations, limitations, you scream, is this a dream?  Or am I caught up in a whirlwind?  This cycle of fear, lack and limitation is beginning to make me crazy.  No time for me to feel this despair, my parents told me that I was born free, and that I would die free, the choice of which path that I would take was entirely mine to make.  No, no I say, I will not be limited by fear, lack and limitation.

Now as I looked around, I looked towards the heavens, and I screamed, Father, why so much fear, lack and limitation have gripped your people in this day and time?  Then I heard the voice of God speak to me and He said, “Son of Man, I did not give you a spirit of fear, lack and limitation; I created you perfectly in my own image with my character.  For your Spirit is one of power, love and self control.”  Now I want you to speak to my Children and give them this message, tell them that you’re God, “I AM,” said to “STOP LIVING IN FEAR LACK AND LIMITATION!”

It’s time to study the word of God.  Get your bible, writing pad and a pen, click on the Video below, and prepare your mind, body and soul to be blessed as you listen with your ears for the next 30 minutes to the Bible teaching by Pastor Davis/Master Teacher.