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Salvation (Photo by Pastor Davis)

In our studies today, we want to focus your attention on two words, and those two words are SALVATION and GRACE.  In all of our studies, if we don’t comprehend the importance of these two words, we will fail to achieve the eternal life that God has promised.


SALVATION IS a personal encounter with Jesus Christ Himself! Even though others may help you and pray for you, it is your personal prayers that must be, to the Father, through the Son, and in the Holy Ghost. No human being has the ability to absolve you from your sins! Confessing to a PASTOR or some other lay person may help relieve the guilt of one’s transgressions, but only MASTER JESUS can wash away your sinful past.

SALVATION IS true repentance! It is far more than “being forgiven.” In fact true repentance involves at least the following steps:

Admitting that you are a sinner and acknowledging that you need a Savior.

Asking God for Jesus sake to forgive you of all sins that are past!

Faith to believe in Jesus and that you are truly forgiven for your years of living in wickedness.

Thanking the Lord for His marvelous grace that redeems your poor lost soul.

Forsaking all known sin that had, for so long, been a part of your existence.

SALVATION IS a total commitment to Jesus Christ! In the “saved” condition you will continually seek and pray for new ways to live while being “in this world, but not of this world.”

SALVATION IS growth in grace! A brand new saint will find that he or she is saved from sin, and has a deep desire that drives one to grow more like Jesus every day. There will in time come a gradual realization that initial SALVATION rids one of all the “bad” things of life; but there is a need to consecrate everything to Him to the point that we are free of the bondage of the “good” things as well.


Paul says in Romans chapter five, that we are justified by faith (v. 1). Faith means trusting God to love us, because of what he did in Jesus Christ, and entrusting ourselves wholeheartedly to that divine love. Salvation is by grace–we do not deserve God’s favor toward us and we can never earn it. We access this grace by faith, which means that we must always look outside ourselves for our SALVATION (2 Tim. 1:12).

We cannot perform the work which results in our salvation, for Jesus has already done that, once for all time. We cannot add to that finished work, or improve on it. We can only trust God to be gracious to us as he promises in Christ. If we picture grace as the room of God’s favor, we may think of faith as the door into that room (Rom. 5:1-2).

God accepts us because of Christ’s work on our behalf. We enjoy that grace by accepting it as fact, trusting it as sufficient, and throwing ourselves on it in total and eternal abandon, to become servants of righteousness and true holiness in Christ. We do not earn God’s favor. We cannot ever please Him enough to be given His blessings. We certainly could never pay for our own sins and be saved. But in Christ, God has brought together the justice that is his nature and the weakness that is ours: Christ became a man and took our place.

God’s grace deals with the weakness of our flesh because salvation does not depend on our weak flesh — Jesus has earned it for us already! It also takes into account God’s holiness, because sin is punished–by the death of God’s sinless Son! And so Paul can say to the Ephesians Christians For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast (Eph. 2:8-9).

Therefore, let us attune our minds to the truth of God’s word, and get understand and know without a shadow of doubt that,  “OUR SALVATION IS PROVIDED FOR BY GRACE!”


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  1. Thank you so much! This is so timely-again 🙂 Yesterday at church a lady I know was praying for us to be “holier” so that we wouldn’t be in danger of “losing” our salvation. I was “stymied”? If this is the case then I will never be able to rest in what Christ did on the cross. Was it finished or not? I feel bondage want to wrap itself around my neck again.


      My friend, what you witness yesterday is the very reason why the bible teaches us to study to show ourselves approved. Therefore, when you have understood the truth of God’s word and know that you were saved by grace and your salvation is guaranteed, never allow the yoke to be placed around your neck again. Listen to what the bible teaches us, it says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free,” and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” Galatians 5:1

      • Thank you so much for responding. I know that it is the Truth. I guess it just hit me by surprise. I will stand firm on God’s word. I most definitely do not want to wear that yoke of bondage ever again! Back to the Bible for me tonight 🙂


          My friend, you are more than welcome, that is why God has placed me here. Finally I say to you what Jesus says to us all. “He says, know the truth and the truth will set you FREE! John 8:32.

  2. God Bless You and Yours.


      Thank you my friend and the same to you and yours.

    • que tiene miedo de que Cristo le clavo una copia de seguridad. . . bfpor que9? purqoe todos han pecado y la altura de Dios. Es por eso que una de las referencias a los apf3stoles conocida para dudar de Cristo, a pesar de que estaba con e9l durante todo su ministerio y vio sus milagros. Todos somos culpables de elegir mal sobre el bien. Pedro negf3 conocer a Cristo a pesar de que jurf3 que nunca lo abandonareda. Judas vendif3 a Cristo por la moneda.


        Thank you for the beautiful comments my friend, may God continue to empower you with wisdom and knowledge that will enable you to bless others with His word. Be Encouraged and be blessed.

  3. Another awesome article, Pastor. Thank you for the work you do daily to provide us all with a better education on Biblical Discussions. god bless you!


      My Sister, I thank you, I love you and truly do appreciate you for all that you do in helping to keep the conversation moving to a higher level in the name of Jesus. May God’s blessings and peace keep you ever so strong.

  4. I did enjoy your post very much,except this statement :There will in time come a gradual realization that initial SALVATION rids one of all the “bad” things of life; but there is a need to consecrate everything to Him to the point that we are free of the bondage of the “good” things as well. We are never free of the old nature,and it causes many great pain trying to realize why they’re still having sinful desires. We must keep grace out front,that’s what Jesus gave us when he set us free. Lets not forget what Paul said,I have not yet reached my goal of living completely sin free,but I strive to. So do we that are saved,the bad things of life will be happening until death takes us out. But through Jesus Christ we have victory!


      My Friend, I really do think you for visiting with us and taking the time to share your thoughts and appreciation on what is being taught here in the name of Jesus. The most important thing that we as believers can wrap our minds around is knowing that we have received salvation from Jesus, that it is guaranteed and it was through grace that it came. Your comments are more than welcome, and we encourage you to voice your thoughts and opinions here at any time. We may not always agree, but we can assure you that we will never be disagreeable. May the grace of God bless you and keep you ever so strong. We love you and truly do appreciate you for visiting and studying with us. In Jesus name, we pray, AMEN!

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