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Let us not dwell upon the sins and mistakes of yesterday so exclusively as to have no energy and mind left for LIVING RIGHTLY IN THE BEGINNING AND BLESSNESS OF THIS DAY,   and do not think that the sins of yesterday can prevent you from living aright today.  Begin today by getting right with the world, and aided by the accumulated experiences of all your past days, learn to live it better than any of your previous days; but you cannot possibly live it better unless you begin it better.  The character of the whole day depends upon the way it is begun.


Another beginning of great importance is the beginning of any particular and responsible undertaking.  How

Mind creates life

Mind creates life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

does a man begin the building of a house?  He secures a plan of the proposed edifice, and proceeds to build according to the plan, scrupulously following it in every detail, from the foundation up.  Should he neglect the beginning, the obtaining of an architectural plan, his labor would be wasted, and his building, should it reach completion without tumbling to pieces, would be insecure and worthless.  The same law holds well in any important work: the right beginning and first essential is a definite mental plan on which to build.  Nature will have no slip-shod work, no slovenliness, and she annihilates confusion, or rather, confusion is in itself annihilation.  Order, definiteness, purpose, eternally and universally prevail; and he who in his operations ignores these elements of precision at once deprives himself of substantiality, completeness, and the opportunity for success.

Now let us understand that the most important beginning of all, is upon the affliction or blessedness which it inevitably depends, yet the one most neglected and least understood, is the inception of thought that is in the hidden, but causal, region of the mind.  Your whole life is a series of effects, having their cause in thought, in your own thought.  All conduct is made and molded by thought; all deeds, good or bad, are thoughts made visible.  A seed put into the ground is the beginning of a plant or tree; the seed germinates, the plant or tree comes forth into the light and evolves.  A thought put into the mind is the beginning of a line of conduct: the thought first sends down its roots into the mind, thence to push forth into the light in the form of actions or conduct, which evolves into character and destiny.

Loving, gentle, kind, unselfish, and pure thoughts are right beginnings, leading to blissful results.  This is so simple, so plain, so absolutely true; and yet how neglected, how evaded, and how little understood!

The gardener who most carefully studies how, when, and where to put in his seeds gains the greater horticultural knowledge and obtains the best results; the best crops gladden the soul of him who makes the best beginning.  The man, who most patiently studies how to put into his mind the seeds of strong, wholesome, and charitable thoughts, will obtain the best results in life, and gain the greater knowledge of truth.  The greatest blessedness comes to him who infuses into his mind the purest and noble’s thoughts.

None but right acts can follow right thoughts; none but a right life can follow right acts, and by living a right life all blessedness is achieved.

He who considers the nature and import of his thoughts, who strives daily to eliminate bad thoughts and supplant them with good, comes at last to see that thoughts are the beginnings of results which affect every fiber of his being, which potently influence every event and circumstance of his life.  And when he thus sees, he thinks only right thoughts, chooses to make only those mental beginnings which lead to peace and blessedness.

Wrong thoughts are painful in their inception, painful in their growth, and painful in their fruitage.  Right thoughts are blissful in their inception, blissful in their growth, and blissful in their fruitage.

Many are the right beginnings which a man must discover and adopt on his way to wisdom; but that which is first and last, most important and all-embracing, which is the source and fountain of all abiding happiness, is the right beginning of the mental operations, this implies the steady development of self-control, willpower, steadfastness, strength, purity, gentleness, insight, and comprehension.  It leads to the perfecting of life, for he who thinks perfectly has abolished all unhappiness, his every moment is peaceful, his years are rounded with bliss, he has attained to the complete and perfect blessedness.

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  1. Sarah Johnson

    This is just so awe inspiring. Lucky for me, because I was doing research for a class and stumbled upon it. Thank you for posting it.


      Thank you my friend for visiting with us. We appreciate you taking the time to share with us your thoughts, and the fact that we could help you in your research in some small way. God Bless you greatly this day.

  2. This is truly an outstanding article thank you for sharing.


      You are more than welcome My Friend, May the grace of God rest and abide in you now and always.

  3. God Bless you and your family. They are lucky to have such a Godly man.

  4. Excellent. Without God in your soul, you will crumble into the ruins of the world.


      So true My Friend, so true; when we know the truth, it will set us free. (John 8:32). Let us all learn to live a Godly life style and live free. Bless you my friend, and thank you for visiting with us and taking your valuable time to communicate yours to us. We appreciate you and love you.

      • Sir, You come highly recommend. I am rebuilding my foundation and patching the holes, and lyn is my backbone. With your words of kindness and your teaching, I will get right with my God. I appreciate all the time and thought that you have given to your site. I appreciate and love as well.


          Thank you again my friend, and also thank My sister Lyn for her very kind words. She is truly a wonderful friend and a dear friend of this ministry. As the bible teaches us to pray all the time. Prayer is our hot line to God. If we ever want to establish a personal relationship with Him we must study his word to show ourselves approved and seek him out in our prayers. Always hold onto his unchanging hands by staying focus on prize which is Jesus. He will always be there for you and he is closer than any other friend can ever be. Learn to lean and depend on him in the time of trouble. He has promised us that he will never leave us are forsake us. That is a promise you can always take to the bank and deposit at anytime and His check will never return says funds are unavailable. He is always a kind and loving God when you get to know him as the one that can do all things but fail. Peace, love and blessings now and always My Friend. Once again thank you for your faithfulness. We appreciate you greatly for taking the time to study with us and share what you receive here with others that also may be in need of a blessings.

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