Thank you Father for Blessing Me (Photo by Pastor Davis)

Oh merciful God, our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus we seek this day healing for our nation.  As she recovers from the tragedy, that was inflicted upon her citizens, by a gunman who decided to shoot and murder innocent people, for no other reason than being in his gun sight at the time.

We pray for physical healing over those who are lying in the hospital rooms suffering from their wounds.

We pray for spiritual healing for all the families who lost their love ones in this tragedy.

We pray for the healing of our nation, our President, our congress and all our leaders that you have appointed over this great Nation, Heaven Father.

We seek calmness for all our Nations citizen, allowing peace and tranquility, to return their lost joy, back  into the hearts of all those who are experiencing a sense frustration.  We know that you are a Doctor who can do all things but fail.  Therefore Heavenly Father, we are calling on you to bind up the wounds of our nation, stir up the love and compassion that is rooted deep in her soul, allowing all her citizenry to experience her deep abiding love, as the glue that binds all of us together as a nation.  One people, abiding in you, as one God, over one nation, enjoying the freedom and liberty that this nations principals were founded upon.

Oh merciful God, we seek forgiveness for the individual that perpetrated this tragedy upon this Nations Citizens, and that you would humble his heart that he may plead for mercy and forgiveness from all the people, he has brought so much pain and devastation too.  Father allow each one of this nations citizen to experience your unconditional love, a real sense of security, ,  peace and joy that will bring healing into their physical bodies, and a recreation of their spirits that the Holy Spirit will lift them ever so high, that no weapon that is formed against them in the future will ever prosper.  In the name of Jesus, AMEN!