James Holmes Colorado Movie Theater Shooter


Tragedy, Tragedy and more Tragedy, it’s happening everywhere and we all are affected by it.  When someone decides to pick up a weapon and walk out into the general public and begins shooting and killing their brothers and sisters for no good reason, that is a tragedy that we all need to reflect upon.

Anytime there is a loss of life in any manner it is a real tragedy.  When we send our children off to school or give them permission to go to a movie theatre, or to the mall, we do so today reluctantly because of the derange minds that now have such ease access to hand guns and other weapons that are designed to do nothing more than to kill people.

Let us all pause and reflect upon the tragedies that took place in Colorado this morning, in Detroit and Chicago yesterday.  Innocent lives were lost; serious injuries were inflicted upon innocent victims.  Families were destroyed, all because of some deranged minded person.  We all as a country are paying a heavy price for the tragedy that is taking place.  Which one of us will be the next victim of such gun violence?  I tell you this one truth, God is not pleased with what is going on, and the long arms of God are going to reach down and change this situation.

Our elected officials in Congress simply refuses to take a stand against the powerful gun lobby, because they themselves are bought and paid for by those that continue to push more and more guns into our communities and into the hands of those who really need them less.  When are we going to open our eyes and realize that this problem is our entire problem, and it is not going to go away until we make it go away?  We as a people must stand up for what is right and stop this non-sense.  We must tell our elected officials, enough is enough.  If they want listen, we have the power to make the change, vote them out and vote someone in that will listen to the people.  Your vote counts, if you make it count by activating  your God given powers and authority by registering and then voting for the person you feel is going to stand up and lead rather than being led by those with enough money to buy their vote.

Yes this is the day, the moment and time to reflect upon the tragedy that is occurring all around us and having a devastating effect on every one of us, and a Nation as a whole.  If we continue to sweep it under the rug, by ignoring it, or saying it wasn’t me or my family members, when will the next bullet from a gun have your name on it or a member of your family’s name on it?  None of us have an answer to that question, so will we just continue to turn on our television, radios and click onto the internet, watch the tragedies unfold and just discuss them among ourselves, are will we use this moment as a moment of reflections and then take the necessary action to change things?  May God’s Blessings cover all the victims of this tragedy as well as bring healing to this great nation of ours in Jesus name. Write me and tell me what you think!  I remain your brother in Chris Jesus, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher!