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James Holmes Colorado Movie Theater Shooter


Tragedy, Tragedy and more Tragedy, it’s happening everywhere and we all are affected by it.  When someone decides to pick up a weapon and walk out into the general public and begins shooting and killing their brothers and sisters for no good reason, that is a tragedy that we all need to reflect upon.

Anytime there is a loss of life in any manner it is a real tragedy.  When we send our children off to school or give them permission to go to a movie theatre, or to the mall, we do so today reluctantly because of the derange minds that now have such ease access to hand guns and other weapons that are designed to do nothing more than to kill people.

Let us all pause and reflect upon the tragedies that took place in Colorado this morning, in Detroit and Chicago yesterday.  Innocent lives were lost; serious injuries were inflicted upon innocent victims.  Families were destroyed, all because of some deranged minded person.  We all as a country are paying a heavy price for the tragedy that is taking place.  Which one of us will be the next victim of such gun violence?  I tell you this one truth, God is not pleased with what is going on, and the long arms of God are going to reach down and change this situation.

Our elected officials in Congress simply refuses to take a stand against the powerful gun lobby, because they themselves are bought and paid for by those that continue to push more and more guns into our communities and into the hands of those who really need them less.  When are we going to open our eyes and realize that this problem is our entire problem, and it is not going to go away until we make it go away?  We as a people must stand up for what is right and stop this non-sense.  We must tell our elected officials, enough is enough.  If they want listen, we have the power to make the change, vote them out and vote someone in that will listen to the people.  Your vote counts, if you make it count by activating  your God given powers and authority by registering and then voting for the person you feel is going to stand up and lead rather than being led by those with enough money to buy their vote.

Yes this is the day, the moment and time to reflect upon the tragedy that is occurring all around us and having a devastating effect on every one of us, and a Nation as a whole.  If we continue to sweep it under the rug, by ignoring it, or saying it wasn’t me or my family members, when will the next bullet from a gun have your name on it or a member of your family’s name on it?  None of us have an answer to that question, so will we just continue to turn on our television, radios and click onto the internet, watch the tragedies unfold and just discuss them among ourselves, are will we use this moment as a moment of reflections and then take the necessary action to change things?  May God’s Blessings cover all the victims of this tragedy as well as bring healing to this great nation of ours in Jesus name. Write me and tell me what you think!  I remain your brother in Chris Jesus, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher!


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  1. Increasing number of drive-by shootings in Australia, king hit killings and knifings. A young man on his first date with his first girlfriend was killed recently. People need the Lord.


      Thank you Pastor Ross for your thoughts on this very important subject. I completely agree with you on that point. The Lord is the truth and the light, and we better wake up and begin to reflect that in everything we do. Let us all use this tragedy as a day, a weekend of prayer and reflection to bring about a change. May God bless you and your Ministry there in Australia.

  2. Thank you so very much for reminding us of the need to push our law makers to make sensible changes to our gun laws.


      You are more than welcome my friend. Now let us all get involve and push this vehicle up the hill until it reach the mountain top, then it will roll freely down the hill and all those that are still standing in the way of not making some sensible changes to our gun laws will just get ran over by the powerful forces that are pushing the changes that this vehicle brought with it when it reached the mountain top. Be bless my friend, and continue to press forward towards the mark.

  3. Sandra Conners

    I have been watching the news all day I am horrified an angry that anyone would pick up a gun walk into a movie theaters and start shooting and killing people. Please help me to understand.


      My Friend, I feel the same way as you do. It is truly hard to understand the mind of any person that would shoot and kill another human being. Let us all pray for peace and sanity to come into the minds of those who are living among us at this moment and considering committing such acts. We know that these type of crimes are of the devil. He is busy and we too must get busy by administering a word of truth to the world. Let them know that we must learn to abide in the Lord. We must stop being passive about speaking the Lord’s name. Anytime and anywhere the name of Jesus is called out the devil will flee from around us, because there is power in the name of Jesus. But to understand why this and other tragedies like this keep accruing, part of it has to do with our not so sensible gun laws, the inability of our elected officials to step up to the plate and do what’s right for it’s citizens, and another part has to do with the lack of love and respect for each other. Thank you for the visit and taking the time to speak out. We truly do appreciate you. May God shower his blessings over you this day.

  4. Parker Philpot

    I am mad as hell at what is going on with all these mass shootings taking place. That could have been my daughter are one of your children Pastor. It could have been anyone of our children that this crazy man did this too. This is got to stop.


      My Friend, how well do I share your feelings. When we all get mad enough to being to take some action, then and only then will our elected officials begin to write and enact some sensible gun laws that will have some teeth in them. What better time than now to stand up and begin to fight a good fight that is worth while fighting. Let us all stay in prayer for the victims and all the families that have lost love ones. And for all of us that do have children take a moment put your arms around them hold them close and tell them how much you really love them. Reflect upon how good God is and how he has kept you and your family safe and brought you up out of darkness. Help your children to know who God is and He is a way maker. He can take small things and make big thins out of it. This tragedy can be a blessings to all of us right now if we turn to God and seek his guidance. Peace and blessings be yours to enjoy this day my friend.

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