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Saint Padre Pio stated: "Through the stud...

Saint Padre Pio stated: “Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him”. The Rosary: A Path Into Prayer by Liz Kelly 2004 ISBN 082942024X pages 79 and 86 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Many of us fail to understand that even though we are eager to experience that for which we pray,even desperate about it, we are not yet receptive to the good or we would have it.  The purpose of meditation is to develop a consciousness of receptivity to the good that God is, and the portion of the divine goodness that we have so far conceived.  The importance of regular, disciplined meditation cannot be overemphasized.

A child who is given the opportunity to take piano lessons finds it difficult to understand the importance of daily practice.  The child in us often has the difficulty in understanding the importance of daily meditation.  Sometimes it is not easy to discern the progress we are making as a result of the daily discipline, and it becomes easy to rationalize the importance of other things that need to be done by us.  In considering meditation, we must realize that our consciousness is not only filled with not knowing from eons of time, but it is constantly being subjected to tremendous pressures of negative thought.

Newspapers are filled with graphic reports of violence on every hand.  Television dramatically and artistically portrays all the fear and hatred to be found on the surface of the consciousness of our civilization.  In order to give that portrayal the greatest amount of viewer appeal, the “reality” of ugliness is portrayed in living (and dying) color.


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The majority of idle conversation seems to be directed to the support and maintenance of negativity. An acquaintance passes you on the street and says: “Good morning! How are you today?”  If you are not a disciplined individual, you may tell him.  In reality, he is not seeking a physiological evaluation or a financial report or a marital-status bulletin; he is simply trying to be courteous and friendly.  We get caught up in this kind of experience and we not only listen to the “organ recital” of our ailing friend, but we find ourselves seeing if we can outdo him in his misfortune. Even though the conscious part of our mind is eager to attain growth and overcoming, there is a part of us that does find satisfaction and fulfillment in the nature or degree of our discomfort.  It is difficult for us to appreciate the subtle power of guilt, frustration, and self-recrimination that may be at the bottom of our suffering.

After all, it must be remembered that the limitations we experience did not come to us by virtue of some power or force outside of ourselves.  We are the artificer of our soul and of our life. We must be alert to the deduction we have made here.  We are stating that the conditions or circumstances out of which we are struggling are of our own making.  This is not an easy thought to embrace.

Therefore, we probably have an elaborate rationalization that lays the blame for what we experience at another’s feet.  It is the fault of our parents, our education or lack of it, the race into which we were born, not having been born with any kind of spoon in our mouth (let alone a silver one), or the government, the system.  Not knowing that we are in a position of dominion and authority, whether we have understood this or not, we have created all sorts of obstacles in the way of productive meditation.

As a result we have not been really receptive to the good for which we have begged and prayed and cried for.  A consciousness of receptivity not only must be developed, it can be developed here and now. Whether or not you feel that you understand how meditation can create a consciousness of receptivity through which your mind energy can mold and fashion a new world for you, set aside time each day, several times a day, and begin the practice of meditation.  You may want to work at it for brief periods of time at first, and then gradually extend the time period until you can experience this time of peace and poise and receptivity for ten or fifteen minutes at a sitting.  Many persons find that it is best to have specific times each day so that a constructive habit can be developed.

Remember, prayer is a conditioned state of readiness, it is an affirmation, and it is receptivity…and you bear responsibility for it, and when you do so, you will, “EXPERIENCING THE THINGS THAT WE PRAY FOR!. It is our prayer that this series title, “HOW TO USE THE CREATIVE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION IN MEDITATION, has been a blessing to your soul, you have conceived it, you believed in it, and now you are really to achieve all your dreams and desired goals.  So remember, whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.  It can and will do this   In the name of Jesus, AMEN!

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