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This entire week has been dedicated to prayer and praiseYou pray for me and I will pray for you has been the thread that ran through our praying for each other.  Today we are going to take you one step further in teaching you “HOW TO USE THE CREATIVE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION IN MEDITATION in order to obtain your desired result through your prayers.

The very first thing you must know is this, (Meditation is the receiving part of effectual prayer.)  “Now Pause your thoughts for a moment!”  Read this sentence one more time.  The very first thing you must know is this, (Meditation is the receiving part of effectual prayer.)  It must be understood that we are still in prayer, and are not yet concerned with the expression or manifestation of that for which or about which we pray.  When we think back on how God created everything, we come into the knowledge that first there had to be an idea, then the idea  was in the mind, and then its manifestation.  We must through the effective use of meditation get the idea established in our mind, and we must draw to conscious awareness all that is needful in the way of understanding for the eventual expression and manifestation of the good for which we pray.

Most people fail to understand that not only in intentional prayer but all the time, day and night, night and day, we are responsible for the direction of our mind energyMind energy is no less an energy than are muscle power, electrical power, or atomic power.  In reality, it is infinitely more than any of these lesser expressions of energy.  Do you see what we are considering here?  We are suggesting that mind energy, yours or mine, is greater in potential than any energy that we have conceived of or harnessed to date!  You have, right now, access to control of energy more powerful than that released in an atomic explosion!  “Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose hour has come.”  This is true because an idea comes into expression by virtue of mind energy.  The mind energy that we utilize within the boundaries of our not knowing may seem limited or even paltry, but it is still mind energy that is without limitation.  We use mind energy or better still, we are mind energy, expressing itself as us or through us and our consciousness according to our awareness of it.  Once we tear away the limitations of not knowing, we shall recognize this energy that lies dormant within our thought process.

Meditation is the vehicle by which we come into control of mind energy and direct it toward the accomplishment of the goals that we set for ourselves through the power of affirmation.  Many human beings, because of not knowing, utilize the power of affirmation to make firm in consciousness those very conditions that they abhor; then the tremendous power that is mind energy goes to work to bring into expression and manifestation the substance and life and power of God in the form of that which they fear or hate.  Job recognized the potency of this divine law working to his detriment when he said, “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.”  If the law works to our detriment (and we can see evidences of it on every hand), it will work for us also in a positive and constructive sense.

As a part of our prayer discipline every day, there should be times set aside during which we meditate.  One of the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of effective meditation is the mistaken assumption that one should stop thinking, or think about nothing, in meditation.  But that is not possible.  The mind is a mass of energy and ideas, and it is its nature to move either in directions given it or down the habitual lines of least resistance.  If it is our habit to fret and worry and stew about the negative and limiting circumstances of our life experience, our thought process will automatically turn in this direction unless it is otherwise directed.  If we have disciplined ourselves, or will discipline ourselves to the conscious of the one Presence and Power that God is in the very midst of us and all around us, in meditative practice the mind will automatically turn towards God.  Then we will be in the flow of knowing, “HOW TO USE THE CREATIVE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION IN MEDITATION!”

This concludes part one, in part two we will teach you how to choose a time and place, “HOW TO USE THE CREATIVE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION IN MEDITATION!”  This will be continued in this evening’s session. Please return and complete this very important study.  We bless this word to you today in Jesus name, AMEN!

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