FATHER, in the name of JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT, I seek your BLESSINGS over each person that you have brought into my present, and even those who are yet unknown to me are this ministry, but who are finding their way to a greater understanding of who you are, who they are and who they are with the Holy Spirit living inside of them and moving them to seek higher ground.  Father in this day of prayer, we all has sinned and fallen way short of your glory.  But the needs of your people are great upon this earth.  Satan is going through and fro in the earth tempting your children to turn around and follow after him.  Some have done so, but today Heavenly Father, I stand before your throne of grace, and say that the devil is a liar, and I am rebuking him in the name of your son Jesus.  I lift up Holy Hands and call out your name Father, that you may answer your Servant and have mercy upon your people, because we all are leaning and depending upon you this day Father, to bring Salvation to those who are in need, and for all those that are standing faithfully in the gap, serving you and being obedient to your word, my prayer is that you will open up the windows of Heaven and pour them out a blessing that will be so great and powerful that their storehouses will not have enough room in them to contain what you are about to do for all your children in this day of Holy Prayers.  We thank you this day Heavenly Father, for what you have done and more importantly, what you are about to do, as your children are getting ready to be a witness to a supernatural occurrence that is going to take place in their lives. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!  One for the father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit!