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Please Note: I edited here and removed certain parts of this ‘part’ because some things would give away the story! But please enjoy a part that is toward the end of Book Three of my Trilogy, Eternal Soul Series, Soul Savior. I thought you might enjoy my rendition of Jesus coming to defeat the enemy! Be aware also; although this seems like the very end of the book, it is not. There is more after this. Also, as a side note, this is in the rough–it’s unedited.

IT IS DONE!©2013 Lyn Leahz

All of a sudden a loud voice pierced the silence, “It is done!” The heavens parted open with a thunderous roar when an enormous white horse with a man having the appearance of an authoritative warrior seated upon it emerged from the clouds.

Voices in the heavens shook the earth with a mighty rumble as they called…

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