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The Cosmos of Space and Time

When God created man, he did so for his own purpose.  He created man in his own image and likeness.  Then he endowed him with his own character and he manifested him in such a way that man may become a part of the energy and power source that makes this world continue to grow and expand itself in the great cosmos.  He fully equipped man with an imagination that man could develop all the knowledge, power and wisdom he would need to propel him to be a king in the Cosmos.

The entire Universe is nothing more than energy, and everything that is in the Universe is a part of that energy source.  That energy source is never standing still; it is always in motion and expanding!  Never tiring, inexhaustible, and apparently eternal in its operation, it moves in the atoms and in the stars, always informing the fleeting shapes of time with its restless, glowing, and pulsating power.

Man is a portion of this creative energy, and in him it manifests, through a combination of mental faculties, as affection, passion, intelligence, morality, reason, understanding, and wisdom.  He is not merely a blind conductor of energy, but he consciously uses, controls, and directs it.  Slowly, but with certainty, is he gaining control of the forces without, and is making them do him obedient service; and just as surely will he gain control of the forces within—the subtle energies of thought and direct them into channels of harmony and happiness.

Man’s true place in the Cosmos is that of a King, not a slave, a commander under the Law of Good, and not a helpless tool in the reign of Evil.  His own body and mind are the dual dominion over which he is to reign, a Lord of Truth, the master of himself, the wise user and controller of his store of pure, eternal, creative energy.  Let him walk the earth unashamed, strong, valiant, tender, and benign; no longer prostrate in self-abasement, but walking erect in the dignity of perfect manhood; not groveling in selfishness and remorse, and crying for pardon and mercy, but standing firm and free in the sublime majesty of a sinless life.

Long has man regarded himself as vile, and weak, and unworthy, and has been content to remain so; but in the new era which has just now burst upon the world, he is to make the glorious discovery that he is pure, and powerful, and noble when he rises up and wills; and the rising up is not against any outward enemy; not against neighbor, nor governments, nor laws, nor spirits, nor principalities, nor powers, but against the ignorance, folly, and misery which beset him in the dominion of his own mind.  For it is only by ignorance and folly that man is slavish; by knowledge and wisdom his kingship is restored.

Now I conclude with this final thought; let them who will, preach men weakness and helplessness, but I will teach his strength and power.  I write for men, not for babes; for those who are eager to learn, and earnest to achieve; for those who will put away (for the world’s good) a petty personal indulgence, a selfish desire, a mean thought, and live on as though it were not, sans craving and regret.  The Truth is not for the frivolous and the thoughtless; the Life Triumphant is not for triflers and loiterers.  The Bibles teaches us this one valuable lesson; when we come into the full knowledge of the truth of all things and know the truth, the truth will free us from the prison that has kept all things hidden from our minds.

Now may you be blessed with much ENERGY and POWER to comprehend the truth in this message, and then allow it to manifest itself into reality, and then you will know just “HOW GREAT IS THE MAN THAT CAN MANIFEST ENERGY AND POWER THROUGH KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM!”   We bless this message to you this day in the name of Jesus, who said that if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.  AMEN!


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