THE ROSE OF SHARON (Photo by Pastor Davis)

Too all the Mother’s in the Universe, on this great day, which has been set aside to honor you, we here at Vine and Branch World Ministries take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.  You are special; because God left no stone unturned and created you in a very unique way.  He endowed you with many great gifts, but the greatest gift of all was the gift to conceive the seed of a brand new life.  For that reason, a day this day has been set aside to focus the world’s attention upon what God has done for you and what you are doing for the world.  May you be blessed, and your life be filled with much joy, peace, love and happiness on this very special day.  Happy Mother’s Day to you, from us to you, we love you, appreciate you, and honor you on this Mother’s Day.  We do this in Jesus name. AMEN!