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Standing In Humility of God's Majesty Power (Photo by Tida Lahai Byars)

The power of your prayers avails much.  When I was a child I never knew of this great power, but I knew that my Mother was a praying woman.  She taught me the Lord’s Prayer as I kneel down beside her at night.  She taught me how to say the grace before I would eat my food, but still I did not know the power of the prayers I was sending up.  As I grew up and became a teenager she made sure that I read my Bible and learn certain scriptures, memorized them and recited them often.  Still I never knew the power in what my Mother was teaching me.

A few years ago my Mother had a stroke and was unable to walk after spending much time in the hospital.  The doctors sent her home.  My Mother fail into a deep depression and the family call me to come home and be with my Mother because they thought she was about to past on to glory.  I lived about three hours away, so I immediately rush there to be at my Mother’s bedside alone with many of our other family members.  I saw my Mother in a deep depressed state that I had never seen her in before.  Later that afternoon we gather all the family around her and I prayed for my Mother.  After a short prayer everyone left and went outside on the deck except my sister and I.  We stayed at my Mothers’ side and begin to pray another prayer with my Mother.  My sister joined in and then I heard my Mothers’ voice begin to speak directly to God.   The three of us were calling out to God for His mercy and favor that moment.  I heard my Mother pray that day like I had never heard her pray before.

Then, a few moments after we had cease seeking God’s favor and praising him for his mercy and grace, my sister said to my Mother, “Mom,” get up and walk!  My Mother immediately got up and walked like nothing had ever happen to her.  She walked with a smile on her face with grace, for all the family to be a witness to, some of which had not found the Lord as their Savior.  My Mother continued to walk with that same grace until she was called home to glory a few years later.

That Sunday afternoon, I was a witness to the power of prayer.  All that my Mother had taught me concerning prayer had manifested itself right in front of my eyes and the rest of the community that she lived in to be a witness to the power of prayer. I tell you this story because for those of you who do not know the real power in your prayers and others who have never been a witness to God answering your prayers, just keep on praying.  Because God is a prayer answering God, and even if you have never truly witness his mighty power, know that by your faith he is continuing doing what he said he would do.  There are many supernatural occurrences happening all over the world today because of the many prayers that each of you are sending up. When prayers go up, blessings do come down.

Now in conclusion, I say to you, “Never underestimate the power of intercessory prayer.”  Those of you who pray regularly and persistently for the strength and growth of others will be blessed with a supernatural miracle taking place some place in the world in someone’ life.  There is truly power in prayer.  I bless this word to you this day, that you may bless someone with your prayer blessing.  I remain your brother in Jesus Christ, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher!



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  1. Praise God! The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avail much! I am a living witness, as to the power of prayer! The Lord has performed the miraculous in my life, over and over again! God bless you, Pastor Davis!



      Thank you my sister for your testimony this morning. God gives to us that we may share with the world the good that he has performed in our lives. You are truly a living testimony that God will do what he says he will do. All we have to do is ask, believe and have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, then wait upon the Lord’s supernatural powers to show up. He is truly an on time God, and he has promised us that he will never leave us are forsake us, and that is a promise we can take to the bank and that check will never bounce. Thanks for letting the world know that you know what God can and will do. What he has done for you, he will do for others. May God’s blessings shower you this day.

  2. Shirley Rhodes

    Prayer is a powerful tool God has given to all of us and the width and depth it can reach cannot be measured in human terms. One thing about prayer is that it shifts our thought process from self to others and as the prayers are lifted up to God they will accompolish the goal intended, that’s just the way it works. It is good to pray for the human race that we may all may be able to experience this awesome power, it works, once released your joy is fulfilled. Blessings
    May these teachings continue to encourage many hearts.


      I totally agree with you that prayer is truly a powerful tool. God has placed in our hands all that we will ever need to grow, survive and prosper in this world. What so many of us fail to realize is that with all the tools we have at our disposal to accomplish any desire we may have, overcome any sickness or financial burden and manifest our dreams into reality, God tool of choice was prayer. He said, learn how to use this tool, and you will never experience lack in your life. This we all must now for the good of ourselves and the country we live in. Thank you my sister for your words of wisdom. May God continue to bless you as he sends you out into the world to be a blessing to others.

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