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From the beginning of time, God equipped us with the most important tool of all, and that was our powerful minds.  Jesus taught us how to use this tool through his teaching on Holistic Healing.  Let us watch this short video clip and we will continue this discussion on the other side.


Let us understand this one very important fact, and that is our mind is not our brain.  Our brain is part of our physical anatomy.  Our mind is that one unseen spiritual link that is connected directly to the mind of God.  Since it is a spiritual link, linking my mind directly to the mind of God, and knowing that my natural state of health is complete wellness, therefore, I am under no illusions that as to where my health, strength and healing comes from.

Now let us understand this one fact, and that is, there is much sickness and disease in this country and around the world.  The national mental status in the U.S. appears to be shaky. Depression, despair, stress, anxiety, anger, revenge, prolonged grief, jealousy, and apathy abound. Many others could be listed. These can be powerful disease triggers. The results of a national survey by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare indicated that 25 percent of the population admitted to being under a major degree of stress. One source estimated that perhaps one-third of Americans could be considered mentally healthy.

If a partial list were to be composed of physical diseases with apparent psychological components, it would look something like this: allergies, asthma, angina, arthritis, back pain, cancer, hair and scalp problems, headaches, heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, impotence, irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, and ulcers. It has been estimated that 75 percent of all complaints that patients present are stress related.

Now watch this short video clip on faith and responsibility and we will continue this discussion on the other side.


However, let me assure you, that if you truly have the faith to believe that through Jesus Christ, all things are possible, then you have nothing to worry about regardless of your present physical or spiritual condition.  Throughout scripture, we find that Jesus teaching on healing was a Holistic approach.  This included healing the whole person, body, mind and soul.  This is the same approach we take here at this ministry in teaching you that you can be made whole again.

Now let me turn the balance of this discussion over to Edgar Cayce, whom I have spent much time studying, he is the father of holistic medicine, and in this video he lays out specific holistic principles for healthy living and total wellness which I advise all of you who watch this video and study our lessons on Body, Mind and Spirit to take these principles to heart.

The majority of Edgar Cayce’s teachings deal with health maintenance and the treatment of illness. Even to this day individuals have found physical help from information given as long as 100 years ago! Yet, although best known for this material, the sleeping Cayce did not seem to be limited to concerns about the physical body. In fact, in their entirety the readings discuss an astonishing number of 10,000 different subjects.

We hope that this lesson has been helpful for you.  If it has, please share it with family and friends.  We have ministered to you today from a position of PEACE, PURPOSE, POWER and PROSPERITY.  I remain your brother in JESUS CHRIST, PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER! 


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  1. Jacquelyne McWilliams

    The mind….such a powerful tool we are blessed to have. Mind, sprit and faith have such healing powers for the body. Being a stroke survivor (six years). God , Mind, Sprit and Faith . I continue to be what I am today. Thanks Pastor Davis.

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