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The Powerful Lion (Photo by Pastor Davis)


Let me begin this discussion by assuring you that nothing is beyond your reach.  All that you have not achieved in this past year is waiting for you in this New Year.  Stay focus on the prize, you have set very high and achievable goals for this brand new year.  Now we will teach you how to achieve them.

The very first thing you must know, and that is, “you are the master of your destination.”  Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  Therefore, we ask you to clear out all negative thinking, and fill your mind with beautiful thoughts of the possibilities that lie ahead.  Remember, just as a good tree bears good fruit and a diseased tree bears inedible fruit, so the fruits of a person’s life will show the quality of his or her characterFruit is a comprehensive word, referring to teaching, character, and action.  Our character is revealed by our conduct.  Our thoughts become that which we choose to be.

The journey will not be easy, but as we stated in the beginning, “it is achievable.”  Every step you take, the devil will be waiting to take you down.   He will be walking about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, and if you are not careful in your walk with God you will be his next victim.  You must learn to grow in God’s grace.  Why, Because God has already provided the victory just for you.  Placing your faith in God and not in the world is the beginning of all knowledge that will transform your life and put you on the right track to achieving your desired goals.  Know that a believer’s growth sometimes may be hindered or halted by three distinct enemies: the Devil, the world, and the flesh.

We are warned how the Devil walks or roams about like a lion.  When lions hunt, they look for weak, young, isolated, unguarded animals.  They are the ones marked for attack.  The Devil’s ultimate agenda is to destroy us, not merely to hurt, maim, or discourage, but to devour and destroy us.  He does that when he gets us to bow to circumstances, pressures, or forces of his evil design, hoping thereby to make us yield to him.  To overcome this evil spirit we must adopt a reverse strategy: I will call this strategy, “B.O.W. TO JESUS,” the One you BELIEVE, OBEY and WORSHIP.  He overcame, refusing to bow to Satan’s devices (Matt. 4:8-10), and our growth in Him will bring the same ability to resist or stand against the Devil (1 Peter 5:9). We must be clothed in the full armor of God: be armed with the Word of God (Eph. 6:10-14), believe Him (Heb. 11:6), obey Him (1 John 3:24), and worship Him (John 4:23).  Receive Christ’s overcoming victory!

When our minds are filled with the word, our strategies for achieving our desired goals are assured.  Nothing can stop us now, although the devil will continue to lay stumbling blocks in our path way, however, because our minds are centered on God and we are filled with the word, these stumbling blocks are opportunities to continue to move forward at great speed.

The first step in this process is to “WRITE THE VISION,” we gave you this step a few days ago.  Now I encourage you to study this step very carefully and comply with its instructions. The next step in the process is for you to study your written plan and focus all your attention on it like a laser beam.  Know that all that you do is part of the process; each step you take is placing you in the flow towards achieving the greatest victory that you have ever imaged.  The process will never be easy, but it is achievable.

Now listen up, to the word of God as spoken by Peter in the book of (1 Peter 5:5-8).  Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elder.  Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”  Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.  Be sober; be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Therefore, remain in the flow where all streams will lead you towards the lake, from there the flow of the lake will lead you into deeper and wider streams of fishing called the rivers of life.  As you navigate from the river, the flow will take you into the ocean where you shall conquer your greatest victory of all.  Stay with us and we will help to get you there.  Remember, keep your eyes focus on Jesus, because he is your navigator, we are just the instrument that he has placed in your hands to help you day by day.

Today, we have ministered to you from a position of PEACE, PURPOSE, POWER and PROSPERITY.  Always think globally as you work locally to achieve your dreams, because they are truly only a thought away.  I remain your brother in JESUS CHRIST, PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER!


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