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A Holistic Approach to your Healing

As we enter into this brand new year, we must come into the realization of just how blessed we are to be alive.  Therefore, let us understand how important it is for us to maintain our bodies in a healthy state at all times.  This year we will share with you many lessons on how you can prepare your physical bodies to live a very long, healthy and prosperous life.

This entire website was designed to help you grow spiritually, physically, mentally and keep you healthy simply by changing your approach to the way you live out your life daily.  Remember, there is nothing more important in life than our health.  If our minds and bodies are healthy we can accomplish any task that comes into our thought process.  Therefore, allow healthy thoughts to be planted into your fertile soul that God has already provided for you and they will manifest themselves into the reality of healthy physical bodies.

Every thought and emotion affects your health. A holistic health approach encompasses treating the whole person: the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Traditional cultures have known for thousands of years that these aspects are intimately connected. Every food we eat, every thought we entertain, every emotion we feel and every interaction we experience impacts our overall health.

Many blame their health problems on genetics, a virus, toxins in the air, and stress. While these factors can contribute to illness, very often problems result from a lack of fundamental health-enhancing qualities such as responsibility, a strong will, family support, passion, a balanced lifestyle and knowledge of good health. Without these, whatever modality is chosen becomes just another pill to be taken and discarded when symptoms disappear.

When disease is artificially removed without changing the underlying cause, long-term health will NOT be achieved. The quick fix approach brings little or no permanent success. I am not suggesting that we abandon medical treatment. I am recommending that we look for the deeper causes of the problem from a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle perspective. We need to take the holistic health perspective. Lasting solutions can be found to multiple illnesses of society by getting at the root of the problem holistically.

Over an extended period of time, I have observed patterns among family, friends and even myself who have successfully reversed declining health problems. These traits are not rigid models. We all have them to some degree. They are holistic health approaches that each of us can maximize in our own unique way to return to our natural state of health.

Some important Steps to achieving optimal Holistic Health

Here are some very important steps you must take to achieve optimal holistic health. I can assure you that by putting these into practice, your overall health will be much improved! Sometimes you have to reevaluate what it is that you are doing with your life. By doing this, you will start to see the big picture.

Let’s start with the first step, RESPONSIBILITY. This means not blindly accepting the opinion of some outside authority as the only way. Take a look at your previous choices for they may have led you to the problem. Then recognize that you can make new choices to remedy the situation.

I am not telling you to stop seeing your health practitioner. I am suggesting that you gather as much information as possible and make your own decisions. Taking responsibility is meant to empower us to make new choices for a healthier result. 

The Bible commands us to take responsibility for our own healing.  Listen to what it says in Hebrews 12:12-13 verses.  Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated, but rather be healed.  No matter what your present condition may be like, Jesus says you can and shall be healed if you take responsibility now for your own health. The complete healing of your physical body is only a thought away.

 We will continue this discussion and provide you with further steps in the many lessons we will be providing you here on this very important topic.  In the meantime, we encourage you to go to the top of this page and click on HOLISTIC HEALING and study some of the many lessons you will find there in addition to watching the videos that will support this message we are teaching you.  Read the comments you will find there and click on their links, there you will find many more things that can help you improve upon your present health and maintain it.  Now take a HOLISTIC approach to your HEALING.  This is what Jesus taught us in all His messages on healing the sick.

We have ministered to you from a position of PEACE, PURPOSE, PURPOSE and PROSPERITY.  I remain your brother in CHRIST JESUS, PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER!

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