Father I thank you for the power of your word.

Father anoint your word today as a seed in my life and in the life of all those who pray this prayer.  For I know that all truths resides in your word, and your word will bring life changing experiences, destiny accelerating and revelations of you.

You gave us the word that it may guide us, instruct us, protect us as well as discipline us.

Father I seek the word, through your spirit, under your anointing that it may provide the necessary instructions on becoming a good listener, and prepare my mind for speaking the truth, that I may become a doer of your word.

Father I realize that only through my obedience to the word will I be able to rise above the ways of the world and reach my place of anointing where the Holy Spirit will dwell with me and provide me with the power to transform my life from the old to the new in Jesus name.

Father I pray expecting that the changes that are now taking place in my life will mold me and shape me into the new person you have chosen me to be.  There is nothing more important to me this day than for me to be able to walk out my purpose and move swiftly towards my destination in becoming complete and fulfill your purpose for my life.

Father I am able, and I am ready to be transformed into a good listener, and to be used for your glory in speaking truth to power.

Now Father, grant me the wisdom to do your will before man that he may see your good works as I become a doer of your word in Jesus Christ.

Father, I am claiming the victory over all evil thoughts, over all evil spirits, and the power of Satan to keep me in bondage.  In Jesus Name, Amen.