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GROWING IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD; Salvation does not depend on positive character qualities and good works; rather, it produces those qualities and works.  A person who claims to be saved while remaining unchanged does not understand faith or what God has done for him or her.  Faith in and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ that leads to growth in these qualities causes believers to make a difference in their world and perseveres to the end.  The greatest truth that a  person can possess with the mind or learn through experience is truth about God.  This cannot be gained by unaided human reason.  It is acquired only as God shows Himself to people in nature and conscience.

Now as we continue to grow in the knowledge of God and the plan He has for us through the Salvation, a brand new understanding will arise which will involve the coming of a completely new age.  During Jesus earthly ministry, salvation was brought to us by His presence and the power of faith.  Now, our salvation is based on His death and resurrection.

The salvation that comes through Christ may be described in three tenses:  past, present, and
future.  When people believe in Christ, they are saved (Acts 16:31).  But we are also in the process of being saved from the power of sin (Rom. 8:13; Phil. 2:12).  Finally, we shall be saved from the very presence of sin (Romans 13:11; Titus 2:12-13).  God releases into our lives today the power of Christ’s resurrection (Romans 6:4) and allows us a foretaste of our future life as His children.  Our experience of salvation will be complete when Christ returns (Heb. 9:28) and the kingdom of God is fully revealed (Matt. 13:41-43).

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