By Rev. Davis M. Byars, Jr.

Today I am going to reveal to you a very important secret that has been handed down through many generations of my family as farmers. It is a secret that has allowed me to generate wealth for my family and at the same time teach many others how to do the same. I can truly say that I am a blessed man this day to have benefited from the teachings of a very strong father and grandfather who believed in the Universal principals of the laws of nature.As a kid it was very hard for me to understand why I had to work so hard in the fields, why other kids could play and just loft off. It was hard for me to understand why we didn’t go to the grocery store to buy the things that every one else was spending their money on. It was hard for me to understand why my brothers and I had to work so hard in the fields producing great harvest of watermelons and so many other food items and my father would give so much of it away to the community, when these same folks were always laughing at us for working the fields and would not lift a hand to help. These were very difficult times.

As children we may not always understand the lessons our parents are trying to teach us, but we as parents must never give up on teaching our children the great lessons that we learned from our parents that can help them make a different in the lives of others that they will someday come in contact with.

My father’s secret is this, “God will provide for all our needs. What ever we ask God for, make sure you are ready to receive His blessings when you ask.” The secret was important to him because his father had given it to him. This secret is about planting a watermelon seed into the ground. My father grew watermelons, and he begins his watermelon farm from a few seeds his father had given to him.” You see, when God gives you a seed, you must take what God has given you and immediately thank God for it, then plant it and God will multiply it many times over. The watermelon seeds my father received from his father were given to his father by God. God had blessed him and taught him how to use the seeds he had given to him to feed his family and many other families many times over. My father took the seeds, thanked him for providing them and then he thanked God and immediately begin to apply the lessons his father had taught him about planting watermelon seeds. God can take a few seeds and turn them into millions and millions more seeds.

When you take one watermelon seed and plant it in the ground, it will sprout and bring forth several watermelons each one containing a hundred or more seeds. If you would save each seed from that watermelon, which we as kids had to do. When we ate a watermelon we were given ten plates to spit the seeds into. After which my father would wash the seeds and put them out into the sun to dry. Then the next season he always had plenty seeds to plant and there by enlarging his farm without having to spend his cash to purchased additional seeds. He would also give seeds to other farmers to help them grow watermelons that they would not have been able to grow had it not been for the seeds that my father provided to them.

Once we were finished eating the watermelons my mother had a very large bucket that we must place the watermelon rinds into. She would then cook them and make watermelon rind preserves which we would always have plenty to eat and share with the other farming community. Any rinds that would be left over would always be given to the hogs to help fatten them up. Nothing was ever thrown away or wasted. On the farm there was always a use for everything.

The next season my father would replant the seeds and they would produce several hundred more watermelons containing several hundred thousand seeds. This process can go on and on, pretty soon you will have enough seeds to grow a million or more watermelons. You see Gods says, “When you plant he will give the increase.” My father took what his father had given to him and immediately begins to plant. From that point on, everything was in the hands of God. I have taken the lesson that my father taught me and used it in the business world to build and grow many successful business enterprises.

Now when you understand my father’s secret and actively apply the laws of the universe, you too can build wealth in your family and your community. Although you might not be a farmer, that doesn’t matter, the process works the same, weather you are a farmer, business person or just a lay person. A farmer plants his seeds in the ground and waits for them to germinate. A business person uses a pen and paper to write down his ideas and then they too begin to germinate. Now I understand the lessons of my father.