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You have the Power to Change your life

                                      By Rev. Davis M. Byars, Jr.


Why do some people complain so much about not having the things they want, not being able to do what they want to do and always blaming others for the situation they are in? The answer is simple. They lack the will power to make the change. You see, we are a source of power. The energy it takes to operate our bodies and minds are contained within. We were created from the beginning of time in the image of the greatest power source ever known to man. That is we were created in the image of God. And in the image of God, He created Himself within each one of us. That makes us a very unique creature. Therefore anything that we desire, we can simply will it to be and we shall have it. Nothing is beyond our ability to have and be what we want to have and be. We are the tower of power. Having what we want is so simple, it can be down right frighten, and that is part of the reason that we experience so much lack in our lives because things that are simple we discard it as not being worthy of it’s pursuit. We argue with our self and then loose the argument because we see it as being too simple.
The time has come that we must begin a new way of thinking. We must change our old way and allow the simple things of life to enter in. God wants us to be just like Him, if he didn’t, he would not have created us like Himself. He would not have equipped us with the power to be a creative force. We now must learn how to use that power to build the world that we want to live in and place within that world all the things that we desire to have from within our own unique minds. We must turn our lack into plenty. Our desire for change must become a burning desire. So much so that we awaken each day experiencing something new, seeing ourselves as being in control and not some other power being in control of us. We must begin to treat our minds as the instrument of change, and when we do this consistently, a change will begin to come over us.
Let me use the example of a very wise man from the Bible. His name is King Solomon. He was known as a man with great wisdom. Why? Because he learned early on that there was a universal aspect of God, and he used his knowledge of God to influence his thought process in order to develop his own reality of wisdom. Thought and knowledge are one and the same. Knowledge influences your thought process. Therefore in order to have real power you must first gain knowledge of how things work in order to build and control your own world. God told King Solomon to ask him for anything he wanted, and Solomon asked God for wisdom and knowledge. God said to Solomon, “I grant you both,” because God knew Solomon was on to something great by asking him only for wisdom and knowledge. King Solomon took what God had granted him and used it to become one of the wealthiest men of his time.
You to can do the same, once you learn to control your own thought process. Gain the knowledge of the object of your pursuit, and allow your creative thought process to develop your reality of what you are trying to attract into your life. Nothing you desire is beyond your control. You have the power to have anything and everything you desire in life. The thoughts that you express through your words shape your life. Change your thoughts and you can change your world. You can build a brand new world, the one that you have dreamed of all your life. You must stop allowing outside circumstances and situations to determine what you think. Learn to shape your own thought process by the accumulative knowledge that you have obtained during your own life time. Develop a new way of looking at the world and all it has to offer. Bring into your new world your own reality of what your world is going to be. If you consciously choose the thoughts, phrases and words that you repeat in your mind, your life will start to change. You will begin creating new situations and circumstances. You will be using the power of attraction to effect the change you are seeking to make.
If you want your life to change, start right now from the place in life you find your self and begin to develop a positive attitude about the reality of your own world. No body can do this for you; you must do it for your self. No body can give you enough money to have the things you want in life are pay your mortgage, car note or any other expense in order for you to have and live the life style you desire. Because sooner or latter that money will run out and you will be right back where you were before you received it asking for more. No you must begin to effect the change within your own mind, gain the knowledge of a wealth building conscious in order to have the true desires of your heart.  

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